Team & Divisional Manager Resources

Team Manager Guide

The PMHA Division & Team Manager Manuals contain valuable information that can guide new and experienced managers through the season. Other important resources like the Team Treasurer Guide and the Team Safety Guide can be found on the Volunteer Information page.

Team Snap

Team Snap is a tool that assists in organizing at both the Team and Divisional Level. A Team Snap Quick Reference Guide has been created for the FAQs.

VIAHA Handbook, Forms, and Policy Manual

Almost as exciting as the PMHA Team Managers Binder.

Download here:

Guide for Working with VIAHA Commissioners

More exciting than the Team Managers Binder and the VIAHA Handbook combined.

Download here:  PMHA Guide for Working with VIAHA Commissioners (PDF)

ePACT Resources

ePACT Quick How To Guide for Families is a visual step-by-step guide that can be used to help parents navigate the ePACT system.

ePACT Template for Rostering & Team Officials

ePACT Training Guide for Administrators/Managers is a visual how to guide for Team Managers.

Key Resources


Game Sheet & Game Report Instructions

1. Game (Score) Sheets

VIAHA is currently in the process of transitioning to Electronic Game Sheets. Please contact your Team or Divisional Manager for details. The Electronic Game Sheet login page, instructional videos and FAQs can be found on the BC Hockey Website.

2.  Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association (VIAHA) Game Reports

In addition to the game sheet (aka, the score sheet), VIAHA requires game reports from teams that are Atom age and older.  Please refer to the Guide to Working with Your VIAHA Commissioner for full details.

While not a necessity, it is up to individual Divisional Managers whether they want their managers to cc them on game reports that are emailed to VIAHA.

Additional Resources:


Please refer to the Jersey section of the PMHA Manager Manual.


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PMHA Apparel

All PMHA apparel is sold through HomeTown Team & Corporate Sales. Visit the PMHA Apparel Store to order.