Raffles and 50/50 Draws

1.  Home Game 50-50 Draws

If you would like to do 50-50 draws during your home games, PMHA has an association-wide gaming license that allows individual teams to do so.  Please follow the following procedures:

  • Each team must provide their own tickets, and their own float.
  • Tickets must be available in three different colours: e.g., blue, red, and green.
  • Blue tickets are 1 for $2.00;  Red tickets are 3 for $5.00; Green tickets are 7 for $10.00
  • All tickets must be sold in the arena where the game is being played. Selling in the lobby is not permitted.
  • After 2nd period, draw the ticket and find the winner. Once a person claims a prize, he or she must fill in their part of the 50/50 Draw Winner Form*.  Your team volunteer is responsible for completing the remainder of the form.
  • Using your phone, take a picture of the completed Draw Winner Form*, and complete the online 50/50 Submission Form for gaming reporting on the PMHA website.
  • Deposit the funds into your team bank account and e-transfer the amount to gaming@pmha.bc.ca.  In the subject line of the transfer please include your team name and date of 50/50 event.

Please note: under the terms of our gaming license, 50-50 tickets may not be sold to anyone under 13 years of age.

*Email gaming@pmha.bc.ca for a current Draw Winner Form.

2.  Team Prize Draws, Raffles, and Other Gambling Events

Teams that wish to conduct their own prize draws, raffles, or other gambling events (not including home game 50/50 draws) must:

  • Notify the PMHA Gaming Director at gaming@pmha.bc.ca; and
  • Apply for their own gambling license.

Please note that raffles may not be conducted for alcoholic beverages.

Complete information about applying for gambling licenses, including an online application form, can be found at:



3.  Peninsula Panthers 50/50 Draws

The Peninsula Panthers are pleased to offer PMHA teams the opportunity to sell 50/50 tickets at select Panthers home games in the 2016/17 season.

The process for selling 50/50 tickets at Panthers games is identical to 50/50 draws for PMHA home games.  (See above.)   Because these draws operate under a different licence, though, there is a separate Draw Winner Form specific for Panthers games. Please email gaming@pmha.bc.ca for a current Draw Winner Form.

If your team is interested in this fundraising opportunity, please send an email to gaming@pmha.bc.ca to arrange the date.