External Tryouts - Junior, Midget, Zone, and Tier 1 Host

Instructions & Rules for External Tryouts

The following rules apply to players who wish to try out for a Tier 1, Junior A / B, Zone Major Midget, BC Hockey Minor Midget or Female Zone Representative Team:

  1. All players must register first with PMHA. This is important to maintain a space with PMHA in the event that the player does not make the team they are trying out for.
  2. Hockey Canada Insurance and the PMHA Administration Fee will be collected at the time of registration and is not transferable or refundable.
  3. A post dated cheque for the balance of the applicable division fees must be made out to PMHA, dated September 15th of the current year. This cheque will be held until the deadline of November 1st, when the player must make a final decision if they are coming back to play at PMHA or not.
  4. The registrar must be informed in writing of the player's intent to tryout at another level.  Letter Intent Forms can be found at www.pmha.bc.ca/forms.
  5. The player can participate in tryouts at PMHA as well if they pay the rep tryout fee.
  6. The player will be put on the roster for the appropriate division and must keep in contact with the Divisional Manager and Rep coach regarding ongoing status with the Junior or represetative team.
  7. If that player is released, he / she must immediately inform the Registrar and Divisional Manager to determine where there is an available spot for that player at PMHA.