Report a Concern

Prior to initiating a formal complaint:

  • You are encouraged to work with your team managers, coaches, and divisional managers to resolve the situation on your own. Please refer to the PMHA policy document, Section 7.
  • You may also report a concern or complaint in confidence to members of the PMHA Dispute Resolution Committee. The report will be reviewed in confidence by three members of the Dispute Resolution Committee. They may wish to contact you for additional information (in confidence), or they may refer the matter directly to the next meeting of the full Dispute Resolution Committee.

Please note – our ability to investigate and verify anonymous complaints is extremely limited.

    Part A: Information About You

    Are you PMHA member?

    Part B: Person Subject to Your Complaint

    Who is the person you wish to complain about?

    Part C: Your Complaint

    If "Other" was selected above, please give details below:

    What attempts have you made, if any, to resolve the problem?

    Part D: Acknowledgements