Information Bulletin:
PMHA’s Registration Fees


About Our Fees

Peninsula Minor Hockey is a non-profit organization, and we make every effort to keep fees as low as possible. When fees increase, it is only to cover the rising costs of our hockey programming.

The PMHA Board of Directors believes that it’s important for members to know that most costs are non-negotiable “must haves”, including:

  • Ice time rentals
  • Fees payable to BC Hockey
  • Fees payable to the Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association
  • Referee pay
  • Mandatory volunteer training certification
  • Equipment (e.g., pucks, cones, first aid kits)
  • Jerseys (amortized over a multi-year time period)
  • Bank charges and merchant fees associated with credit card payments

Combined, these items account for approximately 86% of our total spending.  Remaining funds must cover costs such as the website and TeamSnap, the Spirit Rally, team photographs, a small contribution toward the very popular “PMHA Appreciation Day” hosted by the Peninsula Panthers, and other administrative expenses.

Details can be found in the pie chart below.


How Have Fees Been Determined?

Normal registration fees consider the ice time used by each division, referee costs, association operating costs, and non-parent coach expenses.

Assessment fees reflect the true and full cost of the ice, referees, and assessors. It is a “user pay” model.  If your child is not trying out for a rep team, no part of your registration fee is being used to subsidize the assessment process.


How do PMHA Fees Compare to Others in the Capital Region?

Very well.   Like all minor hockey associations in the region, PMHA strives to keep fees as low as possible, while providing a top-quality hockey program for members.  The chart below shows our fees relative to other nearby associations.


Table 1: PMHA's 2019-20 Fees are Comparable to Other Local Associations

  Sooke Victoria JDF Peninsula
Rep Tryout Fee $125 $100 $90 / $125 $125
U18 $785 $795 $735 $735
U15 $775 $795 $735 $675
U13 $745 $795 $735 $675
U11 $745 $750 $735 $650
U9 $635 $575 $610 $550
U7 $635 $425 $490 $450